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While many radio stations claim to be rock music stations, ROQ FM plays just one thing - Australia's favourite ROQ music. No matter the ROQ era, no matter the ROQ genre, ROQ FM celebrates everything that's rocking great about ROQ music. You can stream ROQ FM through our website -, from our Facebook page - @ROQRadio or download the free ROQ FM App from Google Play, the App Store and Microsoft store to stream our great ROQ shows 24/7.
*All program times are Australian Eastern Standard Time or Australian Eastern Daylight Time during Daylight Saving (EASTERN).

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More ROQ at Breakfast

Weekdays 6-9AM EASTERN

While the other stations are bombarding you with talk, talk, talk and commercial after commercial, ROQ FM's Morning promise is simply MORE ROQ at BREAKFAST!


ROQ FM's '90s at Nine

Weekdays 9AM EASTERN

TEN essential things to start your workday - nine of the 90's best ROQ songs... and coffee.!

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ROQ FM's No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 9AM-5PM EASTERN

Totally safe for your workplace, ROQ FM's No Repeat Workday is perfect to crank up where you work. No talk, no more than two commercials an hour and nothing but Australia's Favourite ROQ!

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ROQ FM's Two For Tuesday

Tuesdays 9 AM-5PM EASTERN

Every Tuesday straight after the 90's at 9,  it's double the ROQ goodness. Your favourite ROQ artists in big bunches of TWO - right across the workday.

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ROQ FM's 12 o'clock Beatle Block

Weekdays 12 PM EASTERN

It's your block of the Fab Four weekdays at midday. Three of the best from the most influential ROQ band of all time - The Beatles.


ROQ FM's '80s Lunch Break


Weekdays at 1 there's a whole hour of '80s ROQ on the menu while you grab some lunch.

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ROQ FM's Five At 5

Weekdays 5pm EASTERN

Wrap up your workday with five great ROQ songs, all from the same year. Each weekday we spotlight a different year - it's ROQ FM's Five @ 5.



7PM-Midnight EASTERN

It's the nightime ROQ radio you've been screaming out for! No longwinded talk, no pointlees phonecalls, and no lengthy commercial breaks. Instead ROQ FM ups the intensity with the Classic ROQ you love and introduces some great new ROQ, every weeknight 7-midnight.


ROQ FM's Classic Album of the Week

Fridays at 10PM EASTERN
Encore: Sundays at Midnight EASTERN

Catch one of ROQ's greatest albums from the past 50-years in its entirety and unedited (listener discretion advised) every Friday night at 10, or catch the encore the following Sunday at midnight.


ROQ FM's Saturday ROQ Party

Saturdays 6PM - Midnight EASTERN

Non-stop party ROQ perfect for your Saturday night... and totally commercial free!

Breakfast With The Beatles (No Logo).png

ROQ FM's Breakfast with The Beatles


Every Sunday morning 9 join the Fab Four for breakfast with a whole hour from ROQ music's most influential band - The Beatles.

The Classic ROQ Show.png

ROQ FM's Classic ROQ Show

Sundays 6-9PM EASTERN

Three-hours of the greatest, and some long forgotten ROQ classics from the golden decades of ROQ music - the 1960's and '70s.

ROQ Of The 80's.png

ROQ FM's ROQ Of The '80s

Sundays 9PM-Midnight EASTERN

Three hours of the 1980's best ROQ, every Sunday night from 9.

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