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What's Great About ROQ FM

Welcome to the next generation of radio.

Improved streaming technology, unlimited data usage and reduced monthly charges have all created the perfect storm for an evolution in radio listening.

While modern music streaming platforms may provide the user with their choice of uninterrupted listening of their favourite music (some at a price) - they also rely on the listener knowing what they want and having to devote considerable time searching and creating playlists.

'Traditional' radio may provide specific music formats but they are restricted to limited broadcasting areas and are overseen by expensive and highly regulated government licences. These 'corporate' operations run at huge costs and are profit driven. As a result, listeners are inundated with massive amounts of advertising. In fact, modern-day corporate radio prioritises content it can sell, at the expense of the music, and the listener! 

ROQ FM takes what's great about music streaming platforms, and combines it with the era when radio stations were at their peak in popularity - focused on the music! It's a dedicated uninterrupted music experience platform devoted to the many genres of 'Rock' music.


Put together by a highly experienced team - we are true professionals backed by decades of experience in the metro commercial radio industry.

ROQ FM's entire focus is on the music and our listeners' experience no matter where their location. Our schedule is based on Australia's EASTERN standard time zone (and summer time zone during daylight saving).​

What listeners also love about ROQ FM is our absolute guarantee that no commercial break is longer than 60 seconds. We need to cover our operation costs, that's all - not drive corporate profits. That means long blocks of non-stop rock every hour, and every song played in its entirety. We're even totally commercial-free on Saturday nights and every morning from 12-6 am.

No 'Rap', no 'daggy oldies', no lengthy news bulletins, traffic reports, and annoying announcer interruptions. Just more rock, more often! 

ROQ FM - your new home of 'Australia's Favourite ROQ'. 

About ROQ FM: About Us
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