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Take ROQ FM with you wherever you go!

Download the FREE ROQ FM mobile Apps for IOS, Android and Windows.







The free ROQ FM App lets you stream Australia's Favourite ROQ live anywhere, anytime... and our high quality but low bitrate doesn't eat into your data limits. Bluetooth ROQ FM to your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto while you drive.

Have an older car? Grab a Bluetooth to wireless FM transmitter from any large auto parts store, connect your phone via Bluetooth, select a free FM frequency on your car radio, then listen to ROQ FM through your car sound system while you drive.


For iPhone

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The ROQ FM App also lets you check out the title and artist of the current song, plus it lists all the recently played songs. There are links to our social media pages, the latest weather forecast, and the current temperature from wherever you're listening. Plus ROQ FM can be the last thing you listen to as you nod off each night with our sleep timer - and the first thing you wake up to with our ROQ Alarm.

If you're new to radio streaming the ROQ FM App offers two streaming data speeds. Just look for the musical note icon in the lower-right corner of the Home page.

HIGH QUALITY: 320 kilobits per second/ MP3 - continuous listening uses 144* MB (0.14 GB) of mobile data per hour

QUALITY: 128 kilobits per second/ MP3 - continuous listening uses 60* MB (0.06 GB) of mobile data per hour

However, the easiest way to check is your mobile device's data tracker.

This shows how much data any particular App is using.

*approximate figure depending on variable factors 

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