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Home of Australia's Favourite ROQ celebrates first birthday

At midday on Saturday the 21st of November, 2020 the next generation of radio was launched into the Australian market. ROQ FM offered a new style of listener experience combining a streaming platform playlist focus with the professional presentaton from the now long lost golden era of radio.

Content Director, and 40-year commercial radio veteran Gregg Easton said the uptake to ROQ FM since its launch has been incredible and refresheningly unexpected.

"ROQ FM simply grew out of frustration," Easton said.

"A group of us, who've been invloved in the top tier of Australian commercial radio for decades, were disappointed with the standard current commercial radio has fallen to.

"It's like the attention to detail, especially in presentation and listener focus has just disappeared."

Easton declared it was a simple conversation with some fellow radio colleagues about the need for some decent music radio to listen to without the constant frustration, when he suggested why not just stream our favourite rock songs and listen to them when and where we want? The idea for a proper rock music radio station was planted. However true radio people will of course be radio people, so they're totally incapable of setting up any music platform without making it as professional and  listenable as possible, so the build for ROQ FM has just kept growing and growing.

"We realised the rise of mobile Apps and streaming platforms was totally changing the listener experience and existing radio stations were simply streaming their on-air program on line rather than engaging with a potential new audience. Digital Radio also has been and gone with many networks filling their digital channels with lack-lustre programs simly to prevent other operators dividing up their slice of the revenue pie. Major radio networks have a necessity to service massive debt accumulated through their expanding number of station purchases, and so they're flooding their programs with revenue-raising advertising to feed that debt - totally at the expense of any listener or music focus."

ROQ FM is listenber focused and strictly limits its advertising content to national advertisers only who are then presented in just 60-second commercial breaks, every 30 minutes in breakfast and then once every 50 minutes-to an hour up to midnight. The station even runs totally commercial free on Saturday night and every morning from midnight to 6am. 

"I guess the incredibly fast uptake of ROQ FM meant we weren't the only ones disgruntled at the current state of play with commercial radio in this country."

Easton, who is also the main voice of ROQ FM, said it was decided the new station would be totally focused on just rock music! The team recognised modern listeners already have an abundance of specific platforms to grab their fix of news, traffic, sport or, as he laughed off - "even the same rotation of B-grade comedians who seem to do the rounds of commercial radio these days."


The brainstrust behind ROQ FM believe radio trying to be everything to everyone is well and truly over. 

"ROQ FM just plays great rock songs, its many genres, from the '60s through to today, and without all the interuptions or poor standard of presentation which has become all too common in commercial radio these days.

"The number of our free ROQ FM Apps, available in Apple, Android and Microsoft formats, which have been downloaded by listeners has been astonishing, and our social media numbers are way above year-one expectations, not just right across the country but also internationally as well. Here's to many more years ahead of ROQ FM playing Australia's Favourite ROQ."

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