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Duran Duran celebrate 40 year 'Anniversary'


Duran Duran have released ‘Anniversary’, from their forthcoming album ‘Future Past’, accompanied with an extravagant music video.


Their 15th studio album coincides with their 40th anniversary of making music together. Duran Duran bassist and founding member John Taylor said,


“‘Anniversary’ is a special song for us. Obviously, we were conscious of our impending 40th anniversary, but we wanted the song’s meaning to be inclusive in the broadest possible way.


“After playing and working together for so long, we very much appreciate what ‘being together’ and ’staying together’ can really mean, it’s not something we would have thought song-worthy 40 years ago but we do today! It was also fun to build a track with hints of previous Duran hits, they’re like Easter eggs, for the fans to find.”


The video for the new single, shot in an 11th Century castle features Duran Duran performing as themselves, as well as opposite younger versions of themselves, alongside ‘faux-star lookalikes’ including Elton John, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig and even the Queen… until she passes out!


Check out the video below and hear Duran Duran’s ‘Anniversary’ on ROQ FM.

Photo courtesy: John Swannell

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