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Crowded House - First Album In 10-Years 

The Crowdies are finally set to release their first new album in a decade, ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’, on June 4.

Last year's single, and the band's first new music since 2010's 'Intriguer'', 'Whatever You Want' will be included. So to tease the new album they've shared a second single, ‘To The Island’, a creeping, psychedelic, slow-pop burn that continues the surprisingly contemporary bent of Crowded House’s new material.

The track’s music video channels that uncanny feeling, by seeing the band members make a rugged cross-country jaunt to a secret island bandroom – watch it below.

The single also gives its name to their upcoming New Zealand arena tour, kicking off in March. The Crowded House lineup on ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ and the tour are founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour, as well as returning producer and keyboardist Mitchell Froom, singer-guitarist Liam Finn and drummer Elroy Finn.

Neil Finn stated the challenge of recording the new album amidst the pandemic.

“We were fortunate to be recording in the studio right before lockdown and so began this album with band tracks recorded live in a room, all brimming with character and energy,” he said.

“We then spent our strangest year, 2020, at distance from each other but connecting daily, swapping files and making those tracks complete. We’re so excited and grateful to be back in one room together now, rehearsing, first to play live in front of audiences in NZ and soon we hope for the rest of the world.”

Finn also spoke about the direction of the new material: “I’ve always been afraid of just repeating the same formulas, and somehow this feels like a fresh and authentic way to re-approach Crowded House today with an awareness of all our history and where, how and why it began in the first place,” he said.

The track list for ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ is:

1. ‘Bad Times Good’
2. ‘Playing With Fire’
3. ‘To The Island’
4. ‘Sweet Tooth’
5. ‘Whatever You Want’
6. ‘Show Me The Way’
7. ‘Goodnight Everyone’
8. ‘Start Of Something’
9. ‘Too Good For This World’
10. ‘Real Life Woman’
11. ‘Love Isn’t Hard At All’
12. ‘Deeper Down’

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*Photo courtesy Crowded House

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