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Gang of Youths' guardian angel 

Gang of Youths have released their first single since their triumphantly successful second album in 2017, 'Go Farther In Lightness'.

‘The Angel Of 8th Ave.’ is the Australian band’s first tease of their forthcoming third album, which was recorded and self-produced at their home studio in Hackney where they’ve been working since leaving Sydney for London back in 2017.


The band 'escaped' to the UK to avoid the fame they experienced as a chart-topping, multi-ARIA-winning band in their homeland.

Promoting the new song, frontman Dave Le'aupepe said The Angel of 8th Ave. is about falling in love and finding a place in a new city with that person.

“It’s my story, but we wanted it to feel like a more broad spectrum of love and the two major cities that played a big part in mine and my wife’s life", Le'aupepe said.

“There’s always going to be poetry with love in the big city, and the metropolis is like a microcosm for a global human experience no matter where.”

The song also comes after an eventful period of births, marriages and deaths experienced by the band – who are now joined by former Noah & The Whale multi-instrumentalist Tom Hobden on the recommendation of departing guitarist Joji Malani.

“I say this all the time, which sounds very self-loathing and ‘woe is me’, but I never really became accustomed to someone who was marginally in the public space [in Australia] ” Le’aupepe continued.

“Being with my wife and being here meant a lot. London really shaped the character of the band. Life happened to all of us, and that was a reflection of the city that we’re in. We could have had these unique experiences over the last four years in any city, but London has been the stage for it. ‘Angel Of 8th Ave.’ is just a reflection of experiencing love in a new city.”

Le’aupepe explained the track was an “obvious choice” for the first single, with the New Order meets Springsteen sonic approach marking a “transition” into their new sound while standing out as the only one from the new batch that sounds anything like previous album ‘Go Farther In Lightness’.

"This single alone had been 15 different versions, with the whole new album going through two takes before they landed on the one they have now.

“We’ve been together for 10 years, but I’ve been making music and touring since I was a teenager,” said Le’aupepe.

Hear Gang of Youths "The Angel of 8th Ave" on ROQ FM's 'ROQ At Night' weeknights 7pm-Midnight.

*Photo courtesy Amy Heycock

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